It appears that people are people are people and that there are some who just don't know how to play nice in the same sand box. Motorcycling is not immune to politics. As a matter of fact because so many "A" Type personalities live in the motorcycle community I think we have even more politics than some communities do.

Take for example the sporting segment of our community. Now some of the "strife" that appears to be taking place could be all a publicity stunt I suppose, but the bad blood seems pretty real and pretty intense. I am talking of course about the newest form of motorcycle racing - Electric Motorcycles....The Isle of Man has said enough to the TTXGP and is holding its own Zero Emissions race...

I have watched over the years as politics have destroyed some great ideas and great communities and community initiatives. I have seen ideas that should become HUGE in the marketplace or community end up staying small or mediocre. When people come to the table with different and or hidden agendas it can make for some NASTY, NASTY crap.

I am uncertain why we humans have to be so rigid - why we can never see value in someone else's ideas, why we make our lives so complicted but we do.

It appears that too often we end up with a divided efforts that serve very few people when a unified one would serve so many, but there you have it. That is human nature and I am not immune to it. I have a tendancy to want things done my way...why should anyone else be different? I know that I work at opening my mind up to different possibilities and to looking at the broader picture - and it is work as it is so against human nature. My attitude is shouldn't we be able to learn from history instead of repeating it?

There was an article sent in to the web site on a very similar vein. It was talking about history and it may not - on the surface - have a lot to do with motorcycles but it does deal with human nature....It's called a German view of Islam.

Personally I think the article is bang on the nail. The silent majority who go around thinking their lives aren't affected end up loosing everything due to their unwillingness or inability to see what's going on.  Human nature...someday we may learn that our views and our ways are not the only ways or the right ways - someday we may be able to live and let live....someday.

As always - I LOVE it when you weigh in on any of the topics that I write about. I love  learning to open my mind to other opinions, ideas and ways of looking at things. Sharing and communicating is what makes our community stronger, more unified....

In the news today:

The EU is clamping down even farther on CO2 emissions and motorcycle manufacturers will be amongst the next to be forced into labelling their machines. CO2 emissions limits will come later.

The battle is on, on Vancouver Island to keep off road trails open to ATV's and

H-D is going to begin assembling it's own trikes at the York assembly plant.

If you are a fortunate soul who lives in a warm riding climate...I am envious but I ask you to PLEASE, ride like everyone around you is blind and can not see you.

For the rest of you - Sunday is the deadline for entering your motorcycle pictures into our Beat the PMS Blues On Line Show 'n' Shine.

I hope you'll take a few moments to fill out our Hotel/Motel Survey and ask you to
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Have a great day...

Belt Drive Betty
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